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Q. Do you automatically get an Absentee Ballot?A. No, you have to request one if you want it. You request them from the Richland County Election Commission if you live in Richland County.Don’t wait until the last minute to do this, because that Ballot must be received by Election Day, November 3, 2020 or it will not be counted.Q. What do I do if my ballot has not arrived?A. You can vote In-person or check the status of your Absentee Ballot at SCvotes.govQ. How long should I wait for it to arrive?A. As of Monday, October 12, 2020, all ballots have been mailed. If yours has not arrived, you haveseveral options.a. You can wait for the ballot, and either fill it out and mail it, or take it to one of the Satellite locations and turn it inb. If you feel that it is too late to mail it, you can vote in-person at one of the Satellite Locations and return your unused ballot at that location, at that time
Q. Can I vote at ANY Satellite Location in Richland County?A. Yes, it does not have to be close to your regular voting location.Q. Will the Satellite locations be open on Saturday?A. 2020 Hampton Street and the Masonic Temple at 2324 Gervais will be open on Saturday, October 24th and Saturday, October 31st. The hours will be from 9AM to 1PM. No other Satellite Locations will be open on Saturday.Q. Will the Satellite Locations be open on Election Day?A. No, they are for Early Voting only. Plan to go to your regular polling place if you want to vote on Election DayQ. What do I do if I have not Early Voted or voted by Absentee Ballot?A. You should go to your Regular Voting Precinct and vote by machine as usual.Q. What do I do if I’ve already filled out my Absentee Ballot but now I want to vote in person?A. Take your Absentee Ballot to one of the Satellite Locations, turn it in and tell the Poll Worker that you want to vote In-Person instead.

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Ms. Lydia Oveta V. Glover

The second daughter of six children of the late Rev. Dr. Benjamin J. and Mrs. Lydia W. Glover, born February 6 in Charleston, S.C., and presently resides in Columbia S.C. Ms. Glover is one of the eleven youth to integrate the public schools of Charleston, S.C. in 1963, which was the catalyst for the state of S.C. Her family moved to Columbia, S.C. where she graduated from

C. A. Johnson High School. She continued her education at Wilberforce University, Xenia Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Benedict College, Columbia, S.C.

Ms. Glover has been honored on several occasions; receiving the Charleston, S.C. “Key to the City” for being one of the eleven first students to integrate the public-school system of Charleston, SC and they are the first in the state of SC. She has received a “Proclamation” from the City of Charleston, S.C. proclaiming Feb. 21st as the “School Access Toward Equity Day”. Ms. Glover also has been recognized and honored as one of the “Midland’s Women on the Move 2015” by BlindSpot Art Foundation the U.S. Congressional “SC Civil Rights Luminaire 2016” ; 2017 Church Women of United Columbia- Human Rights Distinguished Leadership Award, 2018 PALSS Community Partner Award, 2019 she received the “Key to the City” , a “Proclamation”

from the city of Columbia, S.C. proclaiming February 6 , as “L. Oveta Glover’s Day”. Must

recent 2020 she was awarded the NCNW “Legacy Award”.

Ms. Glover is presently the founder and president of F.U.N.D.S., Inc. (Friends United as a Neighborhood Developmental Society, Inc.) a 501 c (3) non-profit organization that she founded in 1997. The organization is an advocate for the awareness of the devastating deceases Diabetes and Hepatitis C. The organization is the first to implement the Annual Statewide Black History Parade and Festival which is an educational event in its sixteenth year. She is a life member of the National Council of Negro Women, a subscribing life member of the NAACP and the 2019- 2020 NAACP Columbia Branch President, a member of the SC Federation of Colored Woman, and a member of several other organizations and holds a list of volunteerisms.

Previously employed at our state’s HBCUs; Voorhees College, Benedict College and presently employed at Allen University. She has taught in the public-school systems of Columbia and Charleston, S.C. As she resided in Charleston 1982 and began an organization called, “Lady Teens, Inc., that encouraged young ladies to listen, learn, teach and love” giving them hope to learn how they fit into the society around them. After returning to Columbia, S.C., Ms. Glover became an entrepreneur 1982-1986, owning a restaurant and lounge business. She adores entertaining and believes that a smile will always make another person smile.

One of Ms. Glover’s mottos: “You listen, You learn, You teach, You love”


BBC Community Relationships

BBC Founder, Perry Bradley Jr, has been creating relations to help our communities build for the future!


Financial Hardship

Donations will be used directly in any neighborhood in any community to help those in need of essential financial assistance!

Essential Supplies

BBC volunteers will deliver essential supplies to communities in need. Drop off locations and times TBA.

Virtual Online Meeting

We will start hosting our monthly Roundtable disscussions online. Details will be announced soon.

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BBC Still Promotes Gun Violence Prevention


   MICKELSEN DALTON, LLC is a relatively new law firm based out of Charleston, SC. They specialize in helping crime victims and their families. They represent clients from all over the country who have been shot and killed at bars, restaurants, motels, apartment complexes, etc. For more information, contact BBC at 803-908-7775.


Building Better Communities Meet With National Recording Artist "Nelly"

 Our mission is to help local communities bridge the relationships with local law enforcement and to educate, energize and empower local communities to grow economic development. BBC realizes that this upcoming election is a very important one. We have traveled around the state of SC hosting numerous Voter Registration events. Getting people out to vote has truly been a challenge. Although we have a member, Major Melvin Whittenburg, our goal is to register new potential voters. We don't push any particular party.  We came up with a plan to actually go to where the people are. For the next 2 months, we are setting up inside of concerts, festivals, etc. We invite political candidates to come out and join us for several reasons. With so much at stake, we need to know our candidates and where they stand. This year BBC plans to attempt to register as many new potential voters as possible and by any means necessary. The United Music Festival was a prime example of the events we are attending. As concert goers come in, we give them education materials on any candidate that provides them with material and we ask them if they are register to vote. Last night we reached potential voters from the age 18 to 63. It was amazing to discuss politics with so many different people. There were Democrats, Republicans, Independants, etc. BBC is able to reach out to SC citizens and learn what they are concerned about in this upcoming election. Two candidates were present yesterday. They were Major Melvin Whittenburg and Diondra Love. Major Whittenburg is running for SC Secretary of State and Diondra Love is running for York County Probate Judge. BBC was able to meet up with the performing artist and introduced them to Major Whittenburg. They were proud of his accomplishments and his vision for the SC Secretary of State Office. Major Whittenburg expressed his vision that "Voting is an American Right that ALL need to exercise. Our focus is to reach the younger generation to get them voting and participating in government at ALL levels." As Major Whittenburg expressed to the concert goers, "Our goal is to get them voting and not to push any particular party affiliation." National recording artist and actor, Nelly, poses with Major Whittenburg while holding his campaign flyer. Join our movement to get South Carolinians to the polls. Visit BBC at I have enclosed photos from the event last night.

BBC & RCSD Traffic Stop Safety Session III 2019

Building Better Communities 2018

Columbia has an organization geared towards building better communities!

Gun Violence Round   Tables

Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6PM, we join FCGV & RCSD to host the monthly Roundtable Discussion in varies communities.

CommunityCulture     Project

BBC is open to partner with any club or organization that wants to help build better communities. Feel free to contact us anytime for assistance.

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BBC Building Better Communities helps empower local leaders in our communities to better serve our community!


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