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What is Suicide?

Suicide is when people harm themselves with the goal of ending their life, and they die as a result.

suicide attempt is when people harm themselves with the goal of ending their life, but they do not die.

Avoid using terms such as “committing suicide,” “successful suicide,” or “failed suicide” when referring to suicide and suicide attempts, as these terms often carry negative meanings.

Warning Signs

Warning signs that someone may be at immediate risk for attempting suicide include:

  • Talking about wanting to die or wanting to kill themselves
  • Talking about feeling empty or hopeless or having no reason to live
  • Talking about feeling trapped or feeling that there are no solutions
  • Feeling unbearable emotional or physical pain
  • Talking about being a burden to others
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Giving away important possessions
  • Saying goodbye to friends and family
  • Putting affairs in order, such as making a will
  • Taking great risks that could lead to death, such as driving extremely fast
  • Talking or thinking about death often

Other serious warning signs that someone may be at risk for attempting suicide include:

  • Displaying extreme mood swings, suddenly changing from very sad to very calm or happy
  • Making a plan or looking for ways to kill themselves, such as searching for lethal methods online, stockpiling pills, or buying a gun
  • Talking about feeling great guilt or shame
  • Using alcohol or drugs more often
  • Acting anxious or agitated
  • Changing eating or sleeping habits
  • Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge

It is important to note that suicide is not a normal response to stress. Suicidal thoughts or actions are a sign of extreme distress and should not be ignored. If these warning signs apply to you or someone you know, get help as soon as possible, particularly if the behavior is new or has increased recently.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual educational and fundraising campaign targeting the second leading cause of cancer death among women.

Organizations, clinicians, cancer survivors and patients, and family members are coming together this month to support early detection of breast cancer, share stories of those affected by the disease, and raise money for treatment and research. 

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BBC has compiled a list of 10 updates on topics impacting people with breast cancer, including breast reconstruction, financial toxicity and treatment. 

  • Inviting women to mammography screenings may reduce breast cancer mortality by up to 20%. However, the reduction appeared limited to women who could benefit from screening. 
  • Women with breast cancer faced significant financial hardships and wished their doctors had discussed and considered costs before initiating treatment. 
  • Postmenopausal women who lost weight over 3 years demonstrated a 12% decreased risk for breast cancer compared with women whose weight remained stable. 
  • The percentage of patients with breast cancer who receive their diagnosis over the telephone has increased considerably in the past decade. About two-thirds of survey respondents diagnosed with breast cancer from 2013 to 2017 received their diagnosis by phone. 
  • Atezolizumab (Tecentriq, Genentech) monotherapy appeared safe and provided durable clinical benefit among patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Researchers observed the most significant survival benefit among women who received atezolizumab as first-line therapy, and among those with higher levels of tumor-infiltrating immune cells and PD-L1-positive immune cells. 
  • Women who underwent autologous fat transfer for reconstruction after breast cancer surgery did not appear at increased risk for locoregional or distant recurrence. Fat transfer reconstruction also was associated with lower mortality rates than conventional breast reconstruction. 
  • An online prognostic tool accurately determined the risk for late distant recurrence among women with ER-positive breast cancer. The Clinical Treatment Score post-5 years tool could be used to determine whether patients should continue endocrine therapy 5 years after initial treatment. 
  • More than half of a small cohort of women with early-stage, BRCA-positive breast cancer who received talazoparib (BMN-673; Pfizer) — an oral poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor — once daily before surgery exhibited no evidence of disease at time of surgery. 
  • Female nursing home patients who underwent breast cancer surgery experienced significant functional decline and high rates of 1-year mortality.
  • Whole-exome sequencing identified MSH6 and ATM as possible moderate-risk predisposition genes for breast cancer.

Building Better Communities Hosts The First Gun Violence Prevention Summit


The Iron Man Project was created out of an understanding about the issues facing both boys and men of color and their surrounding ecosystem as it relates to Gun Violence, Building Better Communities vision is to EMPOWER our boys and young men of color by helping to eliminate gaps in their opportunities and outcomes.

Statistic shows that boys and young men of color, regardless of socio-economic background, are disproportionately at risk throughout the journey from their youngest years to college and career. For instance, large disparities remain in reading proficiency, with 86 percent of Black boys and 82 percent of Hispanic boys reading below proficiency levels by the fourth grade – compared to 58 percent of White boys reading below proficiency levels. Additionally, the disproportionate number of Black and Hispanic young men who are unemployed or involved in the criminal justice system alone is a perilous drag on state budgets, and undermines family and community stability. These young men are more than six times as likely to be victims of murder than their White peers and account for almost half of the country’s murder victims each year.

As members of various communities, we cannot ignore the ways in which youth of color, in particular Richland County, SC, are at a disadvantage because of systemic inequities and racial biases. Systemic disadvantages show up early for boys and men of color especially when there are zero tolerance policies in schools and hypervigilant and unbending policing practices that impact our youth unequally. These issues can interrupt or completely stall opportunity for our young people. It is important to note that girls and young women of color also face disadvantages that need to be addressed. For now, BBC’s Iron Man Project focuses on young men.

BBC feels that through strong relationships with mentors, the impact of the challenges our young men face can be minimalized and their strengths and the strengths of their communities, families, and cultures can be drawn on to empower their potential for success. Like schools and other youth-serving institutions, mentoring programs find success through delivering culturally relevant services, developing the strengths of those they serve, and building on the assets of the local community. Identifying, respecting, and building upon the strengths of mentees, as well as their communities and social networks, can go a long way toward supporting mentoring relationships.

Gun Violence is at an all-time high and it needs to be addressed. The idea of the Iron man Project was derived from a bible verse. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17. BBC’s approach on fighting Gun Violence in our communities is to take a strong stance against the things destroy hope and happiness in our communities. It starts with changing the mindset of the youth. Its time the strong men of color in our communities reach out and mentor these at-risk boys and young men before its too late. - Perry Bradley Jr.

Celebrating Dr. King's Legacy 2021

    Today the world celebrates the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King. I celebrate his legacy everyday of my life. Building Better Communities is the direct result of how Dr. King influenced my life. He was a visionary, a freedom fighter, a profound orator and fearless leader. These are only a few words that describe the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but has made me the man that I am today.  Listening to Dr Martin Luther King’s speech for first time, was my first time experiencing the feeling of inspiration and purpose! I am reminded to always dream incredible dreams and to always use my voice and influence to stand for something. Seeing one man who was determined to educate his people, save their souls and form a connection with all races and creeds…that  was inspiring to me! He was dedicated to his dream of securing equality for his people and people in general even though the price was being verbally abused, physically assaulted and eventually assassinated! His legacy of love and hope for all is embedded in my soul! Forever I will illuminate his message! He is also a reminder that as long I put the effort with integrity, passion, purpose and genuine love, I can achieve my dream. That is why the very first BBC Community Resource Center has a mural of Dr. King at the front door. Every time I step into my office, it reminds me of the work that must be done in our communities. I hope that every man, woman, child that enters our doors is inspired by his image to accomplish great things. Today I want to encourage all of you to do a day of community service. Today I would love for you to become a member of our organization. 2021 is the year BBC will become the epidemy of what a grassroots community nonprofit organization should be. Our focus for this year is “EMPOWRMENT”. We will empower our communities through our commitment to service. BBC will be hosting various online seminars on life skills training, parenthood, financial literacy, gun violence, community service projects, voting, how to hold elected officials accountable, etc. In the words of Dr. King “What are you doing for others?”  Enjoy serving others today and let us know what you are doing. Send photos or write ups to We will choose some of the best ones and send you a BBC Community Empowerment Prize Packet. Enjoy!


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BBC Still Promotes Gun Violence Prevention


   MICKELSEN DALTON, LLC is a relatively new law firm based out of Charleston, SC. They specialize in helping crime victims and their families. They represent clients from all over the country who have been shot and killed at bars, restaurants, motels, apartment complexes, etc. For more information, contact BBC at 803-908-7775.


Building Better Communities Meet With National Recording Artist "Nelly"

 Our mission is to help local communities bridge the relationships with local law enforcement and to educate, energize and empower local communities to grow economic development. BBC realizes that this upcoming election is a very important one. We have traveled around the state of SC hosting numerous Voter Registration events. Getting people out to vote has truly been a challenge. Although we have a member, Major Melvin Whittenburg, our goal is to register new potential voters. We don't push any particular party.  We came up with a plan to actually go to where the people are. For the next 2 months, we are setting up inside of concerts, festivals, etc. We invite political candidates to come out and join us for several reasons. With so much at stake, we need to know our candidates and where they stand. This year BBC plans to attempt to register as many new potential voters as possible and by any means necessary. The United Music Festival was a prime example of the events we are attending. As concert goers come in, we give them education materials on any candidate that provides them with material and we ask them if they are register to vote. Last night we reached potential voters from the age 18 to 63. It was amazing to discuss politics with so many different people. There were Democrats, Republicans, Independants, etc. BBC is able to reach out to SC citizens and learn what they are concerned about in this upcoming election. Two candidates were present yesterday. They were Major Melvin Whittenburg and Diondra Love. Major Whittenburg is running for SC Secretary of State and Diondra Love is running for York County Probate Judge. BBC was able to meet up with the performing artist and introduced them to Major Whittenburg. They were proud of his accomplishments and his vision for the SC Secretary of State Office. Major Whittenburg expressed his vision that "Voting is an American Right that ALL need to exercise. Our focus is to reach the younger generation to get them voting and participating in government at ALL levels." As Major Whittenburg expressed to the concert goers, "Our goal is to get them voting and not to push any particular party affiliation." National recording artist and actor, Nelly, poses with Major Whittenburg while holding his campaign flyer. Join our movement to get South Carolinians to the polls. Visit BBC at I have enclosed photos from the event last night.

BBC & RCSD Traffic Stop Safety Session III 2019

Building Better Communities 2018

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Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6PM, we join FCGV & RCSD to host the monthly Roundtable Discussion in varies communities.

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