Building Better Communities
              Building Better Communities

Join FCGV and BBC as we host the next Round Table Forum at Set Free Ministry. We have invited Rep. Wendy Brawley, RCSD, CPD, a host of elected officials and community organizers. Register for the 2nd Annual March For Our Lives Rally-COLUMBIA.


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Another Victim in 2019


We have 3 people hit by gunfire, 1 person fatally shot, a number of rounds were fired and yet we haven’t had one person come forward with any material information, that’s a problem,” Holbrook said.

Madison Crowe, who lives on Oak street, says she heard about fifteen shots from her bedroom window.

“It sounded like fireworks at first, that’s what I thought I heard, it was a bunch of shots all at once,” Madison Crowe said. “We stayed up for about an hour after kind of listening to the police scanner and watching live PD to see if anything was coming on, kind of being a little worried about what was happening. We closed all the blinds making sure we were as safe as possible.”

State Representative Seth Rose tweeted about the incident early this morning.

CPD has spoken to several witnesses who said a heated argument took place just moments before the shooting happened. Crime scene investigators collected more than 30 shell casings from two different firearms. Those casings will be processed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.


The 2nd Annual M4OL Rally 2019



Building Better Communities is a SC Non-Profit Organization that has been actively seeking ways to better communities across the state. Our first priority is bridging the gap between our communities and local law enforcement. As adults we understand how excited and emotional our teens are at this time. It is up to us to ensure that they are heard in a safe environment. BBC has teamed up with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department as well as the City of Columbia Police Department, the Mayor’s Office and several local organizations to help our teens be heard.

   The 2nd Annual March For Our Live’s Rally Columbia will be held at the SC State House on March 23, 2019 at 10AM. Anyone that wishes to participate, please contact Building Better Communities at 803-908-7775.

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BBC Organizes it's First

Disaster Relief Volunteer Force!

      BBC knows the importance of team work. We have been organizing our Disaster Relief Volunteer Force since we learned of Hurricane Florence. Our goal is to be on standby for mobilization as a reserve to Midlands First Responders. We are equipped with lifted 4x4 trucks, flat bottom boats, power tools, etc. We have over 30 volunteers waiting to help serve the community. Our Volunteer Forces are lead by Major Melvin Whittenburg. He is a retired Major who served in the US Army. He comes with 35 years of experience and is ready to serve. Major Whittenburg is currently running for SC Secretary of State but suspended his political campaign to prepare volunteers to help in a crisis situation. Join our efforts and help your community when the time arrives.

Building Better Communities Meet With National Recording Artist "Nelly"

 Our mission is to help local communities bridge the relationships with local law enforcement and to educate, energize and empower local communities to grow economic development. BBC realizes that this upcoming election is a very important one. We have traveled around the state of SC hosting numerous Voter Registration events. Getting people out to vote has truly been a challenge. Although we have a member, Major Melvin Whittenburg, our goal is to register new potential voters. We don't push any particular party.  We came up with a plan to actually go to where the people are. For the next 2 months, we are setting up inside of concerts, festivals, etc. We invite political candidates to come out and join us for several reasons. With so much at stake, we need to know our candidates and where they stand. This year BBC plans to attempt to register as many new potential voters as possible and by any means necessary. The United Music Festival was a prime example of the events we are attending. As concert goers come in, we give them education materials on any candidate that provides them with material and we ask them if they are register to vote. Last night we reached potential voters from the age 18 to 63. It was amazing to discuss politics with so many different people. There were Democrats, Republicans, Independants, etc. BBC is able to reach out to SC citizens and learn what they are concerned about in this upcoming election. Two candidates were present yesterday. They were Major Melvin Whittenburg and Diondra Love. Major Whittenburg is running for SC Secretary of State and Diondra Love is running for York County Probate Judge. BBC was able to meet up with the performing artist and introduced them to Major Whittenburg. They were proud of his accomplishments and his vision for the SC Secretary of State Office. Major Whittenburg expressed his vision that "Voting is an American Right that ALL need to exercise. Our focus is to reach the younger generation to get them voting and participating in government at ALL levels." As Major Whittenburg expressed to the concert goers, "Our goal is to get them voting and not to push any particular party affiliation." National recording artist and actor, Nelly, poses with Major Whittenburg while holding his campaign flyer. Join our movement to get South Carolinians to the polls. Visit BBC at I have enclosed photos from the event last night.




   Please join Ms Tryphena Rhue Taylor as she  brings her great Soprano voice to Reid Chapel AME.

Join us for the love filled concert titled

"From My Heart To Yours". Ms. Taylor will be joined by Mr. Kerwynn Hipps, Guitar, Mr. Asten Stewart, Dance, REID CHAPEL AME MASS CHOIR and REID CHAPEL AME CONCERT CHOIR. 


Reid Chapel AME Church



"From My Heart To Yours"


Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018

Doors Open @ 4:00PM

Concert Starts @ 5:00PM

With a government elected by its citizens and that effects every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to homeland security, VOTING is an IMPORTANT right in our society. By ​voting, you are making your voice heard and registering your opinion on how you think the government should operate. SC has the SECOND largest AFRICAN-AMERICAN populaton, percentage-wise, in the country. There is NO reason that we can't turn SC BLUE! Register & Vote!

     BBC's 2018 New Logo

With everything going on in the nation these days, BBC has created the new logo

for the 2018-19 season. Our goal is to get people motivated and inspired to spread

LOVE not hate into our communities! If you would like to a contribution to our organization

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BBC & RCSD Traffic Stop Safety Session II 2018

Local Hero Runs For SC Secretary of State 2018.

Building Better Communities 2018

Columbia has an organization geared towards building better communities!

Freedom Ryderz

Freedom Ryderz are not part of any MC, SC, AC, RC etc. We are an organized group of individuals that see a need in our community and we aim to help in any way. Our patch represents "organization and unity". We wear a patch to distinguish who we we are when we are involved in any community activities!


BBC is open to partner with any club or organization that wants to help build better communities. Feel free to contact us anytime for assistance.

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