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   BBC is venturing off into an old business venture with a new twist. Are you tired of getting to a dealership only to have to wait all day for the deal to go through? I know I hate it and I was on both sides of it. As a customer, my entire day was shot! As a salesman I hated making my customers sit there all day when they could be out riding or driving and enjoying their new vehicles! I have the solution and we are taking it public! Contact us if tou want to buy or sell a vehicle today!


Why Use BBC?


The concept behind hiring BBC as a broker is relatively simple: you're not a professional car buyer, so why go up against a professional car seller alone? With the confusion of financing, fees, add-ons, taxes and the hurried, jargon-filled nature of the dealership, it only makes sense to leave the bargaining to someone who won't be fazed by the wheeling and dealing.

And thousands of satisfied consumers have been glad they did. Countless success stories have been told and retold about the thousands of dollars people saved over a "best-price" offer made one day from a dealership, only to have a broker secure a better price just days or even hours later.

"I consider myself a good negotiator and this was my first time using an auto broker and we had a very positive experience," said Junmo Lee, who recently bought a Toyota 4Runner near Sumter. At first, he went the traditional route, heading over to a dealership and working with a salesman. But after reaching an impasse with the sales staff, Lee decided to walk out and hire a broker.

Sure enough, a local broker was able to secure a price about $500 cheaper than he was originally quoted on the exact same vehicle from the same dealership. This is possible because brokers usually have experience with dealerships and know exactly how much they can afford to charge based on how long the car has been on the lot, how many more they have coming in and how much dozens of other dealerships are charging.

But much of what a broker provides is convenience and peace of mind. After paying a flat fee for the service, Lee found that he likely would have only paid a slightly higher price on his own, but thought the experience was easy enough to win our business the next time he buys.

BBC Unity Ride 2016

   BBC and HOPE is hosting the Second Annual "Unity Ride" on Saturday, August 6, 2016. The ride will originate at the Wal-Mart located on Killian Rd. We are meeting at noon and KSU at 1:00 PM. The ride is held every year and features riders from all walks of life. There will be Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati and more brands of motorcycles. There will be riders of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. The ride is a celebration of brotherhood and respect for one another. We want to show America a better place than just the hate and division we see in today's society. Last year we had over 500 riders to address the Confederate Flag issue. Now we ride to show Unity for the division in our country right now. We will show the country how unified our clubs and bikers really are.

BBC Bike Nights

   BBC hosts the biggest and longest running Bike Night in Columbia, SC. Bike Nights originated at Taj Mahal on Broad River Rd in 2010. Since then it has evolved into one of the largest social networking events in the area. We meet every Thursday Night at My House Restaurant located at 7205 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC. There is great music provided by DJ T-Mobile. He is one of Columbia's Elite DJ's and is available for bookings. We have bikers attend from all over SC as well as NC and GA. Come hang out with us one night and fellowship with the Metro Crew! If your organization is looking to host a Bike Night, let us know by filling out the contact form.

BBC Teams Up With Kay Jewelers 

   BBC is teaming up with Kay Jewelers and St. Jude Hospital to help children fight cancer and other life threatening diseases. When you purchase "Kit" or "Kobe" Bears proceeds are used to help St Jude Hospital in many ways. We are asking you to visit Kay Jewelers located at 4400 Fort Jackson Blvd, Rosewood Commons, Columbia, SC 29209. Purchase a Bear and donate it for our 2016 Christmas Angel Tree. For more information please contact BBC or call Kay Jewelers on Fort Jackson Blvd at 803-743-4234. 

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