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Traffic Safety Stop Session II 7/28/18

Traffic Stop Safety Session II Pt2

I was pumping gas the other day when a young man was pulled over by the police in front of the gas station. I don’t know exactly what for—maybe speeding or running a red light, or a broken tail light or something.

I casually watched the interaction. Everything looked routine. Then, the officer asked the man to step out of the car. They talked some more. The officer went back to his car. The kid was started yelling and cursing the officer.

Another patrol car arrived. Then another. 20 minutes later, he was handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car. A tow truck showed up to impound his car.

This kid’s life could be ruined now. I hope not, but getting arrested can really wreak havoc on your future life opportunities.

I don’t know why he was pulled over. I don't know what the officer may have done to provoke the verbal confrontation. No matter what happened, traffic stops should not go down this way.

What I do know, though, is that this young man made a lot of classic mistakes while being stopped that have gotten many innocent people into trouble they never deserved.

These are mistakes average, everyday people like you and me make every time we interact with the police. The good news is they’re completely avoidable.

Join us as we discuss the do's and don't's during a routine traffic stop. We will also look into the rights that citizens have when they are pulled over. When can an officer search your car? What is "probable cause"? Wheteher you just received your driver's license or you've been driving for years, this event will very informative for everyone.

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